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An Indian National proprietor of dozenoven A food & beverages company and President at Green Donative Organization, striving for global environmental impact.




Founder of dozenoven company

President at green donative organization

spectrumist, a passionate 21-year-old entrepreneur hailing from the spiritually vibrant country of India. with an insatiable wanderlust, spectrumist discovers solace in exploring the world and immersing himself in diverse cultures. beyond a mere love for voyage, his journeys are a quest for deeper understanding and connection with the rich tapestry of national cultures.

he is an Indian national proprietor of " dozenoven " a renowned food and beverages company known for its quality and innovation. his venture transcends gourmet excellence, emphasizing creativity and freshness to redefine the flavorful landscape.

spectrumist's entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond profit-making, as he also holds the esteemed position of president at " green donative organization " through this influential role, he champions the preservation of plants, advocates for tree planting initiatives, and raises awareness about the importance of safeguarding the environment. also acting as catalysts for positive change in communities.

spectrumist's multifaceted pursuits reflect his unwavering commitment to both business success and environmental sustainability, making him a remarkable young leader with a vision for a better world.

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As Entrepreneur

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Food That's Good

dozenoven - Food That’s Good

A Food & Beverages Company

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

we demand the best quality ingredients and package them naturally in our products without compromise.

at dozenoven company, our purpose is to empower people to snack properly. we will shape the world's snacking future by providing the appropriate snack, at the right time and in the right way. that means providing a greater range of delicious, high-quality snacks that nourish life's moments. prepared with sustainable ingredients and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

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Our Organization

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Green Donative


- from seeds to smiles -

Green Donative Organization - from seeds to smiles

An earthwide movement envisioned by spectrumist to make a positive impact

on our environment.

welcome to the "green donative organization" with our powerful motto " from seeds to smiles " we are dedicated to planting more trees, preserving the environment and uplift communities.

our mission is simple yet impactful : to sow the seeds of change by planting millions of trees across nation.

but we can't achieve this mission alone. we need your support and generosity to extend our work. your involvement, will directly contribute to our tree-saving initiatives and help us plant more trees in areas that desperately need them.

by joining green donative organization, you play an essential role in protecting our environment, combating deforestation, and ensuring a sustainable future. your involvement will not only help in preserve our planet but also bring smiles to the faces of people in need, as we believe that a greener world is synonymous with a happier world.

join us today. together, we can sow the seeds of change and create a better tomorrow for generations to come. thank you for being a part of our journey towards a greener, happier world!

warm regards,

green donative organization

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